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Company History

In the earlier part of the 20th century, our founder, William Scepaniak Sr. made his living as a truck driver. He hauled a variety of products, but primarily focused on livestock, sand, and gravel. It was in 1970 that William knew he needed to begin his journey of turning his dream into a reality, and Wm. D. Scepaniak Inc was born. He traveled throughout the greater part of central and northern Minnesota, taking on many aggregate production and road construction projects until his untimely passing in 1979.

To this date, operations have grown to cover the states of Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Iowa, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. What was once the dream of William Scepaniak Sr., has since grown into a national leader in production and transport of construction aggregate materials. Due to the relentless efforts of the company’s team of nearly 100 men and women, Wm. D. Scepaniak Inc. maintains production volumes looming 6,000,000 tons annually in addition to 1,000,000 tons of transported and placed material.

Today Wm. D. Scepaniak, Inc. is proud to have entered its 3rd generation of providing clients with premier materials production and transport services. As the company set its sights toward the future, it promises to maintain and exceed the standard of quality originally envisioned by William Scepaniak Sr., alongside providing employees with meaningful and value-adding careers that improve quality of life for both them and their families.

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Our Values


Eco Friendly Construction

We optimize our processes and equipment to have the smallest economical footprint possible. From recycling to reusing materials, we do our best.


Integrity and Honesty

We value transparency with our clients and employees through exceptional integrity and honesty. We always do our best to encourage employees to practice those values throughout their work and personal lives.


Efficient Time Management and Practices

We believe in working efficiently to give our clients the most for their money. We get the job done the right way in the quickest timeframe possible.  

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